How to Find a Winning Business Idea in 4 Weeks or Less!

The Aspiring Entrepreneur Entry Strategy Companion Course

Read the book, got the 7-step checklist and now wondering what this extra bonus is about?

Simple - is an interactive 4 week training course (via email and Skype) specifically designed for helping you put the book into a good use and find a validated, winning business idea on demand!

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How it works

  • Week #1: Initiation

    Pick the right sector and then get minimum viable field exposure

  • Week #2: Discovery

    Define your vertical market and then extract the proven market pain points

  • Week #3: Formation

    Configure a winning business idea by following our three-phase system

  • Week #4: Validation

    Test demand for your business idea before building anything

Why Free?

At this point you will probably expect me to say something along the lines: I want to give back to the world and help others kick-start their entrepreneurial journey...

But I won't do that. As I made it clear on the book I am not into BS and don't assume others are retards ready to buy into superficial nonsense.

So, since there is no such thing as a free lunch here what's the deal...

In June I am launching a high-end training course around the exact same topic. And after creating and field-testing the product with a bunch of "qualified blokes" I know, I now decided to beta-test it with a couple of 'outsiders' to make sure I didn't miss anything...

And that's where you come in the equation. I am more than happy to give you access to me and the course with just one condition. If I deliver on what I promise and help you find a validated winning business idea on demand I'd like from you to write a short testimonial about your experience taking this course and what others should expect getting from it. That's all...

Sounds like a deal?

Ready to get started together?

Hi there. Andreas here!

So, if what I described earlier sounds like a good idea just click the button below to take this journey with me.

I'll see you in the inside!



50% Complete

Join The Free Training Course

We value your privacy and would never spam you